Brisbane Bathroom Renovations

Brisbane Bathroom Renovations – Everything You Need to Know

For one of the smallest rooms in the house, there’s a surprising lot to think about when considering a Brisbane bathroom renovation. Everything from choosing a new colour scheme to deciding on a new layout of the bathroom will all come into play. Here are some of the primary considerations you will face when taking on a bathroom renovation in your Brisbane home.

1. Will I need a project manager?

For small renovations where you’re updating the fixtures but not changing the layout or knocking down walls, you probably won’t need a project manager. However, more extensive Brisbane bathroom renovations where you are significantly changing the design or size of the bathroom may need the services of a project manager, especially if the new bathroom needs waterproofing, carpentry and electrical work.

2. What you should know about waterproofing?

Waterproofing is a skill and needs to be completed to Australian standards. If you don’t get the waterproofing professionally done, you may be putting up with bathtubs falling through floors, and moisture damage in the walls.

3. Updating the plumbing

If you have an old Brisbane home, your pipes may need an update. Upgrading piping can make the entire bathroom experience a lot more comfortable and convenient, especially if you have a growing family with teenagers. Bear in mind, altering the plumbing can significantly increase the cost of the renovation.

4. Toilet update

There are new builds and designs in toilets you might want to consider for your modern Brisbane Bathroom renovation. Recessed cisterns are gaining traction because they take up less space, but one-piece toilets may also be worthy of your consideration. You also have two-piece, compact, wall-mounted, and tankless toilets to consider.

5. Types of tiles

You will be amazed at the myriad choices you have when it comes to tiles, which will involve more than just choosing a colour scheme. Vitreous and glazed tiles prevent water absorption, and floor tiles need to be anti-slip to prevent accidents.

Ceramic tiles must be glazed if they are to be used in the bathroom, but hard-wearing porcelain tiles give you even more design options if you have the budget.

The above is just a small sample of the many design choices you will need to think about when considering a bathroom renovation. Relianzi are experienced Brisbane bathroom renovators who can help you design your dream bathroom while considering your budget. Call today and get started with creating your ultimate bathroom experience.


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