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5 Ways of Adding Affordable Luxury to Your Bathroom Renovation

We’d all love to while away our time in a luxurious bathroom, and we all deserve it after a hard day at the office. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the thousands of dollars required to appoint our bathroom with the most luxurious fittings, but there are options.

Whether you’re looking to add value to your Brisbane property while keeping costs to a minimum, or you want a bathroom you can enjoy, here are five affordable ways to add luxury to your bathroom renovation.

1. Ambient lighting

All bathrooms need adequate lighting but having some control over the level of light and the ambience will help with those luxurious weekend soaks. Add a dimmer switch on the main light. A few warm spotlights around the vanity and tub will give you more control over the ambience, and sconces on either side of the mirror will look more high-end than the traditional light bar.

2. Creative use of colour

Using white cabinets and countertops will create a luxurious hotel bathroom style. A dominance of white creates the perfect backdrop for silver and gold fixtures.

If white is not your style, then grey might be more to your liking. Grey has become a leading favourite shade for bathrooms and kitchens. A warm grey is soothing and easy to mix and match with different decor options. Brushed silver fixtures make the perfect complement to the grey tones in your bathroom to add a touch of luxury and class.

If you prefer the enchanting look of dark walls and floors, white trim could be a little too confronting and stark. Instead, you can tone down the contrast with dark blues and charcoal greys, or mid-toned neutral colours.

3. Create a bathroom with a view

If you’ve got the landscaping for it, bringing the outdoors into your bathroom can give it the luxury treatment. Large windows which let in a lot of light and provide an unobstructed view of your private backyard landscaped garden will help create the illusion of a tropical getaway every time you enjoy a soak.

4. Add plenty of storage space

Extra storage space can help keep your bathroom surfaces from becoming cluttered with shampoo and perfume bottles, hairdryers, and makeup. Clutter will not only make your bathroom look untidy, but it also makes it a lot more challenging to keep clean.

5. Heated flooring or towel racks

Heated flooring might be a stretch, but heated towel racks will be greatly appreciated during the cold winter months. They’re easily installed and don’t cost the earth, so check with your Brisbane bathroom renovator to discuss your options.

If you’re considering a bathroom upgrade for your home, or want to increase the value of an investment, a touch of luxury doesn’t have to be an expensive option. Call your Brisbane bathroom renovator to discuss your new bathroom today.

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