Brisbane bathroom renovation

Brisbane Bathroom Renovations – How to Save Money

There’s no doubt that well-planned Brisbane bathroom renovations can add extra comfort and value to a home. It’s crucial to plan your bathroom renovation carefully, so you don’t fall into the trap of wasting money, overcapitalizing, or end up with a design you hate.

Here are five potential problems to keep in mind when working with a Brisbane bathroom renovator.

1. Getting the budget wrong

The best bathroom renovation budget is the one you can afford, but you also don’t want to waste money even if you do have some cash to splash. Depending on the age, style, and location of your home, it may be easy to spend more on the bathroom reno than what you could reasonably expect to recoup when selling. Of course, it will depend on whether you are selling soon, or plan to settle down for the long haul.

2. Using the wrong people

Bathroom renovators should have plenty of experience to ensure the job is done right. If anything goes wrong with the plumbing or the waterproofing, it can cause catastrophic damage that may cost many thousands more to fix. Always vet your bathroom renovators for quality, reliability, and experience. Or you could call Relianzi to be on the safe side; we’ve seen it all in our years of delivering quality Brisbane bathroom renovations.

3. Getting trendy when functional will do

You might have fallen in love with the trendy colour schemes and bathroom accessories available today, but will you feel the same in five years? Even worse, today’s fashionable bathroom designs may look garish in another ten years when you’re trying to get the best price.

4. Trying to DIY

You may be okay mixing grout, or handy with a paintbrush and tile cutter, but do you want to take a chance on your skills when you’re trying to create the perfect bathroom. Even small errors can be glaringly obvious at best, or deadly at worst if you need electrical, plumbing, or waterproofing work.

5. Getting a full renovation when cosmetic upgrades will do

If your goal is to create extra value for selling your home or investment property, you will want to carefully consider the cost of a full bathroom renovation over one that is mainly cosmetic. The bathroom might be perfectly serviceable, but it could do with new tiles or bathroom cabinet and basin. Occasionally, the best value can be had by keeping it simple and low-cost.

Avoid costly mistakes in Brisbane bathroom by giving Relianzi a call today, where you will receive the best advice and competitive rates.


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