Brisbane Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Brisbane Bathroom Renovations Design

Brisbane bathroom renovation design needs to be functional but including a few decor aesthetics that help you relax will never go astray. The good news is, you can have a bathroom that’s logical and organized, but can also be a lovely place to hang-out in a warm bath after another hard day in the salt mines. Here are a few of our favourite design choices and why we think they work.

1. Spa it up

One of the best things to do while holidaying is to hang out at the resort’s spa. When you’re considering a Brisbane bathroom renovation, why not bring a taste of the holidays into your home by taking a few design elements of a resort-style spa and incorporating them into your Brisbane bathroom renovation design

2. Connect with nature

A private backyard and a beautiful garden will match perfectly with the right bathroom design. You can connect your bathroom to nature using large surrounding windows for a natural background, or a large glass door you can open to let in the fresh air and provide an unobstructed view of the landscape.

3. Monochromatic delights

It’s incredible how striking how the use of a single colour scheme manages to liven up many Brisbane bathroom renovations. When you’ve got a favourite colour, don’t be afraid to tell your renovation expert to go crazy with it in your bathroom design.

4. Rustic homestead look

The rustic look can transport you to another place and time when you’re decompressing in a warm tub. Old wooden furniture, mirror frames and cast iron decor can all be blended into the design to create a contemporary bathroom style that oozes old-world charm.

5. Add some greenery

A lot of indoor plants do great in the bathroom and can give your design a relaxing, tropical getaway vibe. Go large with a big fern in the corner for dramatic contrast. Or go small with a plant pot or two on the vanity for a splash of colour.

5. Focus on the tub design

The tub is one simple design choice that can take a bathroom from ho-hum to fabulous. Check out the different tub designs on the market and find one that speaks to you. A copper tub will perfectly complement the rustic look, or go for a concrete version if you’re looking for a more industrial vibe.

These are just a few of the ideas Relianzi Brisbane bathroom renovations can incorporate into your bathroom design. If you’re considering an upgrade to your bathroom today, give them a call to discuss the exciting possibilities for your new bathroom today.

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