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Bathroom Renovations Brisbane – How to Make Small Bathrooms Look Bigger

It’s all about making clever decisions

Small bathrooms can feel more than a little cramped and less than functional. Your bathroom may be small, but that doesn’t mean you need to feel cramped.

A Brisbane bathroom renovation can make your tiny bathroom feel more spacious; here’s how.

1. Light coloured paints and tiles

Dark colours can give the impression that the walls are closing in and make you feel more cramped than you are. Use light coloured tiles and paints in your small bathroom to create the illusion that it is more airy and open.

2. Overhead shelves

Clever use of overhead wall space creates more storage room, leaving the lower areas with more room to move. Also, consider recessed shelves in your Brisbane bathroom renovation, which provide storage room without encroaching on the inner space.

3. Go big with mirrors

Well lit bathrooms look bigger, so go large with your mirrors. The more light you can reflect, the roomier your bathroom will feel.

Bathroom Renovations Brisbane

4. Forget the shower enclosure

Instead of a shower enclosure, consider keeping your shower area open. Imagine the amount of cleaning you can avoid with this Brisbane bathroom renovation strategy. If you must have an enclosure, try going with clear glass for a more open feel.

5. Wall hung or narrow vanities

Vanities are often guilty of taking up most of the floor space in a small bathroom, but narrow and compact options are available for tiny spaces. Wall-mounted or  “floating basins” can create a sense of openness.

If you have been clever with your storage space elsewhere in the Brisbane bathroom design, you can get away with installing a narrower basin by sacrificing cupboard space for extra square footage.

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