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Brisbane Kitchen Renovations – Kitchen Technologies to Incorporate in Your Kitchen Design

Making your kitchen more functional

Our lives are getting busier, which means we have less time to spend in the kitchen to create healthy home-cooked meals.

Fortunately, advances in kitchen technology are delivering solutions. From helping us create the perfect crust every time to teaching us tricks that would make Gordon Ramsay proud, here are a few kitchen technology innovations that could take your Brisbane kitchen renovation to the next level.

Google Home or Amazon Alexa

Smart devices make lives more convenient in millions of homes, but they are handy devices in the kitchen. We can only recommend you opt for the versions with video capability, as a screen adds a ton of versatility.

You can quickly set a visual and auditory timer using your voice, which is all sorts of useful when your hands are covered in batter.

Or you can get to grips with a new recipe by watching a video and pausing between steps with a simple hand gesture. It’s a much more enjoyable experience than thumbing through a bulky cookbook and losing your place while your hands are covered in egg.

Modern kitchen appliances

There are more than a few fantastic innovations you can include in Brisbane kitchen renovations. Outlets that pop up from the countertop make plugging in appliances more convenient.

Inbuilt vacuum compartments let you sweep dirt directly into a central vacuum, making cleanup a breeze. Motion-sensitive kitchen faucets reduce wastage and keep your kitchen hygienic and easy to clean.

Smart trash cans also help with cleanup, with lids that open automatically when you are near. They can also help keep the area smelling fresh with odour controlling technology.

Kitchen renovations Brisbane

Mood lighting

Smart mood lighting has you covered when you need plenty of light to cook up a storm without cutting your fingers, but you would like to create a more intimate environment for a romantic dinner when you are done.

Efficient LED lights can change to whatever colour you need. Combine smart lighting with your Google or Alexa device, and you can set the scene with a simple voice command.

If you’re excited about creating a modern kitchen with all the bells and whistles or just want to add a few to make your life more convenient, call Relianzi today, the experts in Brisbane kitchen renovations.

Are you planning a Brisbane kitchen renovation?

As leading Brisbane kitchen renovations experts, Sean and the team at Relianz can help you with complete kitchen design and planning services, sourcing your fixtures and fittings as well as renovating your kitchen. We even offer a FREE and helpful in-home consultation.

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