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Brisbane Kitchen Renovations – How to Elevate the Mood of Your Kitchen

Planning a kitchen renovation? The mood matters!

The kitchen is more than a place to make toast, cook, or microwave your beans. The kitchen is a social hub for guests and families to connect and catch up. Your kitchen should be as comfortable and inviting a place to hang out and chill as any other living space.

Use these tips from the Brisbane kitchen renovations experts to elevate the mood of your kitchen

1. Use light coloured paints

The colours you use in your kitchen can have a profound effect on the mood of the room. Lighter shades are emotionally uplifting and create a roomier feel in smaller areas. Coastal shades of teal will have a calming effect, yellow can energise the metabolism, and red can add a sense of rustic craftsmanship.

Brisbane Kitchen in Renovations

2. Use ambient lighting

A growing range of lighting options in recent years makes it possible to use ambient lighting to significantly improve the mood of the kitchen. Under-cabinet lighting can deliver an uplifting soft, warm glow to normally darkened corners.  However, you should still take advantage of natural light with windows and skylights wherever possible, as natural light is calming and soothing.

3. Add plants

A splash of green in unused corners of the kitchen is an easy way to add some mood-boosting colour to the kitchen. Plenty of ferns and succulent varieties will thrive in the kitchen environment with very little care and maintenance. Artificial plants run a close second, but real ones will take on the role of air freshener as well.

4. Make it organised

There’s nothing quite like clutter and mess to bring down the mood of any room of the house. Organise your kitchen so there’s a place for everything, and everything has a place. Kitchen storage has a bad habit of turning into a chaotic mess, making working in your kitchen more stressful. Schedule a monthly declutter and cleaning, which will save you time in the long run.

5. Add personal touches

Your kitchen design can be an extension of your personality and lifestyle. Create a kitchen that functions how you need it to, from making toast to cooking up a storm.

Are you planning a Brisbane kitchen renovation?

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