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Brisbane Kitchen Renovations – Pet-Friendly Features

How to make you Brisbane kitchen pet-friendly

When doing Brisbane kitchen renovations, homeowners often focus on colours, counter surfaces, and storage space. However, pets are part of the family as well, and there are plenty of innovative ideas you can include in a Brisbane kitchen renovation to make your and their lives more comfortable in the home.

Read on to discover just a few of the fantastic ideas our Brisbane kitchen renovations experts can include in your kitchen’s design.

Pull out food and water dishes

Food and water dishes are essential for pets, but they can be a pain when left on the floor. Accidental kicks create a big mess, and they make the place look untidy in general. Talk to your Brisbane kitchen renovations designer about adding a slide-out drawer to keep your pet’s bowls neat and out of the way.

Rugs and runners

If your furry friend likes to be near you at all times but is always getting underfoot in the kitchen, a cozy rug can be their special spot where you are always in sight but they are out of the way. A runner is an excellent idea to protect your kitchen flooring or prevent excited pets from slipping over on the smooth surface.

Built-in pet bed

Kitchens often do double duty as a pet’s sleeping area, but their beds can take up an awful lot of floor space. Ask your Brisbane kitchen renovations service to include a dog crate or bed in the design so your pet has a permanent location to hunker down for the night.

Laminated flooring

Laminate flooring is attractive and durable and won’t easily attract marks from dog and cat paws. If your pet is a shedder, a lighter shade of wood laminate won’t make the pet loose pet hair so noticeable when guests unexpectedly pop overly. Laminate is also easy to keep clean and is especially suitable for a Roomba to keep stray fur under control.

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Covered electric sockets

If your pet spends a lot of time with you in the kitchen, it’s good to keep electrical hazards hidden or inaccessible to curious paws.

Are you considering a more pet-friendly Brisbane kitchen renovation? Talk to Relianzi about your ideas today, and discover even more ways to create a kitchen with features that will make life more convenient for humans and their pets.

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