Brisbane ensuite renovation

Brisbane Ensuite Renovations – Top 5 Considerations Before You Start

Brisbane ensuite renovation tips

Older Brisbane homes were typically built with one bathroom, so one of the best ways to add a modern feel to an old property is to do a Brisbane ensuite renovation. One of the challenges of ensuites is making the most of a small area.

When you make smart design choices, you can create an innovative, functional, and luxurious extra bathroom to make life a lot more convenient for your family.

Brisbane ensuite renovation

Considerations for your Brisbane ensuite renovation

  1. Vanity choices

Wall-mounted vanities give you more storage options than pedestal basins. Wall-hung varieties are available in slimline versions that make the most use of the space while also providing a handy storage area for essential bathroom items.

  1. Wall cabinets

Every bathroom needs a reasonably sized mirror. A mirrored-wall cabinet recessed into the wall will provide even more space for storage, while a large mirror will help make the area feel roomier.

  1. Sliding doors

Sliding doors are a space-saving feature when you don’t have a lot of room to work with when placing a toilet, vanity, and shower cubicle.

  1. Shower niches

Including shower niches for items like shampoo bottles, soap, and personal care items will mean you don’t need any protruding shelves taking up valuable space inside the cubicle. You can also incorporate niches in other areas of the ensuite as a practical space-saving measure for storage or purely decorative when using contrasting tiles and down lights.

  1. Lighting

All bathrooms require good lighting, but ensuites require special consideration. Because ensuites adjoin a bedroom, they are often used while other household members are sleeping. A lighting option that delivers a softer light will be less intrusive in a darkened bedroom.

Under-cabinet lighting can also use sensors to turn on and off automatically. Only the immediate area will be lit, and there will be no fumbling for switches. Three-in-one light fan heaters are used in many bathrooms for warmth on cold nights and mornings. Fans on timers can extract more moisture from the air for mould prevention while ensuring you can’t forget to turn them off.

The small space of an ensuite often requires a more creative approach to bathroom design. Relianz’s ensuite renovations, Brisbane service has the experience and expertise to help you create an ensuite you are sure to enjoy spending time in.

Ready to get started on your Brisbane ensuite renovation?

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