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Brisbane Bathroom Renovation – 6 Ways to Prevent Mould in Your Bathroom

Simple ways to prevent bathroom moulds

Does your bathroom suffer from a mould problem? You are not alone. During our years as Brisbane bathroom renovation experts, we have seen our fair share of old bathrooms that can only be called heaven for mould.

Fortunately, we also know how you can keep the mould at bay in your bathroom.

Here are my top 6 ways.

1.  Add proper ventilation

There’s no point starting the mould cleaning process until you have removed the conditions that caused the outbreak in the first place.

If you don’t do this, it won’t take long for the mould to make a strong comeback. Mould loves moisture, which is why it’s a regular plague in the bathroom and critical you keep your bathroom as dry as possible.

The best way to keep your bathroom dry is to improve ventilation. Keep windows and doors open when the bathroom is not used and install a venting fan.

Your venting fan should vent to the outside air. Many will vent into the roof cavity, which can spread your mould problem to other areas of the house.

2.  Maintain your plumbing

Leaky plumbing can add to the moisture levels in your bathroom even when you aren’t using it and create the perfect conditions for mould. Ensure all of your plumbing is sealed uptight, and you have no leaky taps, showerheads or pipes.

3.  Check your drains

Are your basins, bathtubs, and shower cubicles draining quickly? Slow drainage can provide mould with the moisture it needs to spread, and water sitting on the floor for hours at a time will compound your mould problem. You can quickly clear your drains with a plunger, or in more severe cases, a drain cleaner may do the trick.

4.  Add a bathroom fan

Our Brisbane bathroom renovations will include fan installation because they are the best way to ensure enough airflow for removing bathroom moisture from the area. It’s recommended to leave fans running for a few minutes after you are finished, which is why modern fans have timer switches included.

5.  Use a large tile format

Large tiles have fewer grout lines and, therefore, less area for mould to take purchase. They are also much easier to keep clean. Once mould gets into the grout, it can be very difficult to eradicate it. If you have recently had a Brisbane bathroom renovation, we highly recommend you keep up with regular cleaning to not give a mould a chance.

6.  Reduce humidity in your bathroom

We know that mould loves humidity, which is unfortunate for regularly used bathrooms. We have already discussed ceiling vents and keeping doors and windows open, but there are still more ways you can make your bathroom more hostile to mould. Heated towel racks aren’t just a luxury item; they will also rapidly dry out your towels so there’s less humidity in the air. You can also use these to dry out your floor mats as well.

When you’ve finally got your shiny new Brisbane bathroom renovation, the last thing you want is to have it ruined with a mould outbreak. If you practice the above tips, you will keep your bathroom dry and mould free.

Are you planning a Brisbane bathroom renovation?

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