Brisbane Bathroom Renovation

Brisbane Bathroom Design Trends 2021

Inspirations for your Brisbane bathroom renovation this 2021

The extended pandemic of the last couple of years has put a lot of focus on cleanliness, especially in bathrooms. As a result, bathroom renovation trends lean towards open, easy-to-clean environments. Fortunately, it’s possible to have an easy-care bathroom without sacrificing any of the luxuries.

Here are just a few of our favourite design choices happening in Brisbane bathroom renovations in 2021.

1. Large wall tiles

Tile mosaics created from hundreds of tiny tiles and hard-to-clean grout lines have been replaced with their more hygienic large-format counterparts. Larger tiles help open up a space and make it feel less cluttered, and minimal grout lines make the battle against mould and bathroom grime more straightforward.

2. Soaking tubs for small spaces

After one of those days at work, there’s nothing quite like full submersion in warm water to soothe the soul. People are beginning to realise that a soaking tub means they can have a shower cubicle and a bath, even in a small space. Soaking tubs are deeper but often shorter than standard tubs, meaning you don’t have to sacrifice the whole bath experience because you are short on square footage in your bathroom.

Brisbane Bathroom Renovation Trends

3. Warm colors with easy clean durable paints

Warm colours are the most popular in 2021, with easy-clean, durable paints that resist mould and grime buildup. They are stain-resistant and can handle the rigours of vigorous cleaning against bacteria and viruses. The growing popularity of these paints has inspired manufacturers to produce an even greater range of finishes, so bathroom designs don’t have to sacrifice utility for plain colours.

4. Smart toilets

Nobody enjoys cleaning or touching a dirty toilet. Life is made easier with smart devices, so why not add a touch of luxury to your bathroom with one of the new smart toilets. Smart toilets have fewer exposed parts to collect grime and self-opening and closing lids with bacteria destroying UV lights underneath. Self-cleaning technology and cling-free surfaces significantly reduce your cleaning time, and the smooth, clean lines will make cleaning more effortless when you do have to wipe your smart toilet down.

5. Durable tile flooring and heated flooring

Ceramic tiles are available in a wide range of finishes, including some very nice wood finishes. These tiles are perfect for people who want easy cleaning and durable tiles but the warm ambience that only wood textures can provide. However, tiles can feel cold on your feet on a cool winter’s morning.  Heated flooring gives you the best of both worlds, and you won’t have to put on your slippers to get through your morning bathroom routine.

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