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4 Common Bathroom Renovation Problems I See All The Time

As a bathroom renovator, I often find issues and obstacles that could involve a little more work than the owners expected or may cause a setback to the original schedule. Here are a few of the most common issues I find when called out to examine a property owner’s bathroom.

1. Bad wiring

Old properties are ripe for a facelift and a new bathroom, but the wiring put in place decades ago may not be up to modern Australian standards.

An inspection of the wiring is an excellent safety precaution. It may also provide an opportunity to add some extra functionality to the bathroom if brought in line with today’s standards.

2. Walls and floors not level

Uneven walls and floors are common problems that can cause issues with a renovation, especially if you are tiling from floor to ceiling. Shifting walls can cause cracks in your brand new tiling or compromise the waterproofing.

Occasionally, it’s necessary to strip out the walls and do some reframing to get everything back to square.

Reframing may also be necessary if you’re putting in a new or larger tub because the old frame may not have the required load-bearing capacity.

3. Poor ventillation

Bathrooms with poor ventilation are the perfect breeding ground for mould, which not only looks unsightly; it can become a health hazard and spread to the rest of the house if not eradicated.

If there is any mould present in your old bathroom, it should be dealt with before work commences.

4. Leaky pipes

Like wiring, old houses have pipes that may be getting a bit long in the tooth. Joints can be affected by corrosion, and they can develop leaks that are hidden beneath the walls and tiling, which may eventually lead to structural problems if left unchecked.

Relianzi has been bringing old bathrooms into the modern era for many years now and have pretty much seen it all. If you are considering a bathroom renovation, then we have the skills to quickly fix any underlying issues so you can start enjoying your new bathroom as soon as possible.


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