Brisbane Bathroom Renovation Trends

Best Bathroom Renovators Brisbane – Choosing the Best Team

The key to a successful Brisbane bathroom renovation is simple….it’s only about the team!

Unless you are just going for a cosmetic overhaul with new tiles or a fresh coat of paint, the bathroom is one of those rooms in the house where you will need a variety of trades to get the job done.

Depending on your renovation, you may require the services of carpenters, builders,  tilers, electricians, and plumbers. Every tradie in your team needs to be professional, so there are no weak links in your Brisbane bathroom renovation.

Don’t rush when building your team, and make sure you get in contact with all of them well before your start date. This way, you can avoid scheduling issues like the waterproofer and the tiler showing up on the same day. Here’s how to choose a winning Brisbane bathroom renovations team.


Choose a builder who communicates at your level and can bring your vision into reality. You will only need a builder if you are doing a complete overhaul, in which case they will be critical to the success of your project. Some builders prefer to work with their tradespeople like tilers and electricians, which may make your Brisbane bathroom renovation more straightforward if you find a builder you can trust.


If you are adding electrical outlets or shifting them around, you will need a qualified electrician. Anything less and your bathroom renovation will not be up to code and unsafe. Any electrical work that is not up to code could also get you in legal trouble.

Bathroom designer

If your bathroom renovation is a complete redesign, then an experienced bathroom designer in Brisbane is key to the project.  They are a valuable resource in helping your design a timeless bathroom within your budget and one that meets your lifestyle, functional, and space requirements.

Brisbane Bathroom Renovation


Waterproofing your bathroom renovation is not something you can cut corners on or do yourself. Any mistakes here and you could need serious (and expensive) repair work in the future.

Moisture has a bad habit of getting into nooks and crannies and spreading damage to other areas of the house, so don’t take any chances. Always use a professional and qualified waterproofer for the best results.

Are you ready for a Brisbane bathroom renovation?

Rather than running yourself ragged researching all the tradespeople you need to complete your bathroom renovation, call Relianz, your Brisbane bathroom renovation experts. We take care of the entire bathroom renovation for you, so you don’t have to worry about scheduling or availability issues. One call is all it will take to bring your Brisbane bathroom renovation ideas into reality.

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