Brisbane laundry renovation

Brisbane Laundry Renovations: Top Dos and Don’ts

Brisbane laundry renovation tips

The laundry was once the small cramped unattractive room relegated to the basement or the back of the house and not given much thought. Times are changing. A daily life full of work and chores is forcing many Brisbane homeowners to rethink their laundry renovation project.

Latest trends show that modern laundries are compact, bright, attractive rooms that match the style of the house, but above all they promote efficiency.

So what are some of the Do’s and Don’t when planning your Brisbane laundry renovation?

Laundry renovation dos

  1. Do consider the location of the laundry — The modern family is doing a lot of washing and drying overnight. It’s hard to sleep when the washing machine and dryer are clanging their way through the night in the room next door. A convenient location near the kitchen will save on installing extra plumbing. If the laundry is going on the first floor, try to stack it underneath the upstairs bathroom.
  2. Do consider the ventilation — The typical laundry is a moist environment, so good ventilation is critical to preventing mould build-up. Pests are also attracted to moist areas of the home.
  3. Do consider whether you will have a top loader or front loader washing machine — Top loaders have had their heyday, but front loaders are a more sensible choice these days. They are easier to clean, more efficient, and you have more flexibility about placement.

Brisbane laundry renovation

Laundry renovations don’ts

  1. Don’t overspend — There’s a good chance a fancy bathroom or kitchen will get your money back in equity or when you sell, but potential buyers don’t get as excited about elaborate laundries. At least, not enough to pay extra for it. Stick with the basics.
  2. Don’t choose a wall covering and surfaces that don’t stand up to moisture — An easy clean semigloss is a good way to get some colour. When it comes to countertops, stone or laminate are good durable choices.
  3. Don’t ignore lighting – If you’re laundry doubles as the room where you do ironing and sewing adequate lighting is essential.

Are you considering a Brisbane laundry renovation that is as bold as it is functional? Contact us at Relianz today.

A well-designed laundry can add convenience and comfort to your lifestyle. Discover how you can get the perfect laundry for your home by calling your laundry renovations experts today.

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