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Hamptons? Nordic? Minimalist? Black and white? If you’re looking for all the current bathroom renovations designs ideas look no further than our showcase of the latest bathroom trends below.

Although it’s often the smallest room in the house, the bathroom has a big impact on the overall feel – and value – of the home. More than just functional, a beautiful bathroom is a haven of serenity in a busy world; a place to escape the stresses of life, where you can rejuvenate and reenergise yourself.

So, what’s new in 2019?

Understated Luxury

In 2019, black is the new white – and when you team it up with brushed brass fittings, bold vanity designs and beautiful backlit mirrors, a black-themed bathroom oozes luxury. It may be monochrome, but black doesn’t need to be monotone: think combinations of gloss and matte finishes, attention-grabbing accent tiles and even big, beautiful black bathtubs. Add a feature colour with towels and vanity accessories or breathe life into the space with some luscious greenery for an instantly tranquil feel.

Bigger is Better

Don’t let anyone tell you size doesn’t matter – nobody wants a small shower or bathtub! And the great news is big is definitely back this year. Oversized bathtubs, serving platter sized showerheads and even – if you have the space – walk in shower ‘rooms’ with amazing acoustics where you can sing your heart out as you lather up.

Everything Old is New Again

Vintage is back baby, and it’s better than ever with modern day finishing technology combining with old school looks to create fixtures and fittings that will take you back in time to an era when bathing was a ritual to be savoured and enjoyed.

Asymmetry is In

Forget rectangular mirrors and oval basins – asymmetrical shapes are where it’s at in 2019. Put this trend to work to lend an air of intrigue to your bathroom with irregular shaped mirrors, unusually shaped basins and even bathtubs that have as much personality as you do.

Natural Materials

Bringing nature into the bathroom through the use of wood, stone and marble is back again this year and can be incorporated into almost any bathroom design, from a Hamptons style bathroom to Nordic bathroom design to the over-the-top decadence of day spa bathrooms. No matter what you want your completed bathroom to look like, natural materials will bring a calming energy to the space, particularly when combined with the lush greenery of indoor plants.

Colour Your World

A far cry from the pastel bathrooms of yesteryear, colour in 2019 is all about using bright splashes of accent colours to really make your bathroom pop. Accent tiles. Soft furnishings. Vanity accessories. Entire bathtubs. When it comes to adding colour to your bathroom this year, the only limit is your imagination.

A Place For Everything

When space is limited, clever storage solutions are crucial to creating an uncluttered feel. Maximising every inch of space with recessed nooks, under-vanity storage, hidden cabinets and compartmentalised drawers will bring an organised, minimalist feel to the space that would even make Marie Kondo proud.

Style Tiles Are Making a Comeback

New technology = edgier tile shapes and finishes and there’s probably no easier way to add individuality to a bathroom design than with unique tiles. Off-the-wall ideas for splashbacks, floors, walls and even ceilings can add movement, crispness and the illusion of space in a bathroom by combining colours, textures and sizes.

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