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Latest Bathroom Trends Brisbane

A lot has happened in the bathroom scene in the last couple of decades, so it might be time to recreate your bathroom in décor befitting the latest in contemporary design.

I discuss bathroom design concepts all week long, so I get a pretty good idea about what people want.

Here are just a few of the trends I have noticed making the rounds in bathroom renovations around Brisbane.

1. The freestanding beautiful tub

In 2019, I saw a big move towards freestanding bathtubs. The tub is increasingly used as a focal point of the bathroom design, which often puts the bath at the centre of the room rather than fitted up against a wall.

Rounded and curved bath designs with luxury fittings have also taken over as the preferred choice. It all adds up to a bathroom becoming another area of the house people can use to escape the rigours of the day and relax. Smart design choices are helping them get the most out of their time soaking in the tub.

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2. Great lighting

If you’re going to enjoy your time in the bathroom, then you need to pay attention to the lighting. Recessed LEDs have become a popular choice and provide a wide range of hues for the ultimate in mood lighting. They are also long-lasting, and some of the most energy-efficient lighting on the market.

3. Concrete flooring

Tile continues to be the firm favourite for walls and flooring. Lighter shades are perfect for the smaller bathrooms, but larger areas provide for a lot more options. Many bathroom designs are going for the darker shades to enhance the sense of luxury.

Surprisingly, concrete is also up there in popularity and isn’t being used for just floors. It’s also finding its way onto bathroom walls, and to create very urban looking and chic basins. Concrete’s incredible versatility also makes it an excellent material for creating convenient hollows for toiletries and shelving for towels and bathroom accessories.

4. Luxury fixtures

If you are renovating on a budget, you may not be able to afford high-end fixtures for every corner of the bathroom. That hasn’t stopped people from splurging in one or two areas to create an overall sense of luxury. Create bold or subtle contrasts with brass fittings, matte or gloss finishes, and backlit mirrors to glam up the room.

5. Frameless showers

Showers are the mainstay of busy parents and professionals who may not have the time for a long soak and a session of aromatherapy in the tub.

Frameless shower doors have become trendy because they can do a lot for a bathroom’s design.

There’s nothing quite like a frameless shower door to create a sense of space and light. If you’ve gone all out on the tiles in the shower cubicle, frameless doors provide an unobstructed view to the beautiful decor.

Many people are also choosing to forego the shower door entirely and use the shower area as more of a wet room.

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