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5 Places to Source Bathroom Renovation Fixtures & Fittings in Brisbane

If you are a Brisbane homeowner, buying all your fixtures, and fittings – tiles, toilet, shower, taps, bathtubs – as a package can save you money. Over the last six years, I’ve had the privilege to forge excellent relationships with many of Brisbane’s top bathroom renovation suppliers.

Here I list my five favourites for your convenience:

  1. National Tiles

Address: 565 Gympie St, Strathpine, QLD 4501


National Tiles have been supplying the bathroom industry with high-quality tiles for over three decades. Frank Walker first opened National Tiles in 1979 and built it into a market leader. The highly successful tile supplier is now under the guidance of CEO Nick Walker – Frank Walker’s son, so you know it’s in good hands.

The company is devoted to helping their customers create beautiful spaces in their homes using the latest in design trends. From budget renos to luxurious makeovers, National Tiles have the buying power to leverage great deals and pass them on to their customers.

  1. Builders Discount Warehouse

Address: 264 South Pine Rd, Brendale QLD 4500


Builders Discount Warehouse are experts in supplying bathroom fittings and tiles to bathroom renovators. There are three massive warehouses, with Brisbane being supplied by their massive Brendale warehouse.

The warehouse is staffed with experienced professionals who can answer any of your questions and give you the best advice.

As one of Brisbane’s leading suppliers of sanitaryware, European designed bathroom furniture and accessories, porcelain and ceramic tiles, shower enclosures, baths, and basins, they are your one-stop bathroom renovation supplier.

  1. High-Grove Bathrooms

Address: 899 Stanley St East, East Brisbane QLD 4169


High-Grove Bathrooms are suppliers of high-end designer bathroom products at wholesale prices. If you are looking for the best prices for your new luxury bathroom renovation, then you won’t go wrong with High-Grove Bathrooms.

They first opened their doors in 2004, and since then have become a quality supplier for everything in bathrooms. You will find everything for your bathroom design under the one roof. You will have access to experienced bathroom design professionals who are always happy to help you out with advice and design inspiration.

  1. Regency Screens

Address: 177 Old Cleveland Road, Coorparoo, QLD, 4151


Regency Screens have been delivering the highest quality in shower screens and Wardrobes for over 20 years.  Their professional team can provide both standard products as well as design a custom, yet affordable solution.

Regency Screens have a large selection of colours, sizes, and finishes to suit any design style and choice of décor. Build a bathroom you can rely on for years to come by choosing Regency Screens.

  1. Reece

Address: 25 Montpelier Rd Bowen Hills, QLD, 4006


Reece are one of Australia’s biggest suppliers of bathroom and plumbing supplies and have been supplying the industry since 1919 – a century’s worth of experience. With over 450 stores all over Australia, Reece have incredible buying power for delivering excellent value for money on all your bathroom renovation requirements.

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Bathroom Renovation Brisbane: 5 Smart Questions to Ask Your Bathroom Renovator

After six years in the building industry in Brisbane, I have seen just about every which way a bathroom renovation can go wrong. Of course, I’m not talking about these debacles from an insider’s point of view. No, I’m talking about it from the guy who gets called in to put everything right.

Whenever I do a little digging, I discover, in just about every situation, the client is in their sorry predicament because they didn’t ask the right questions when doing their due diligence.

To help you get your bathroom renovation off to a good start and a superb finish here are five questions you should ask every bathroom renovator before accepting a quote.

1. Are you licensed?

All tradies require a license to operate in QLD on any work valued at over $3,300. Any work which involves drainage, plumbing, or gas fitting requires licensing regardless of the value of the job. Unless you are getting minor work done, there’s a good chance the company you hire will need to be licensed to carry out the work legally.

It’s easy enough to check licensing online for the bathroom renovators who make it on your shortlist. Just fire up in your browser and type in their name and license number to learn all you need to know. You will also want to review any disputes and complaints which have been lodged against the contractor through the QLD authorities

2. Amount of experience

You can gauge the experience level of a Brisbane bathroom renovator by asking how long they have been in the business. It’s also a good idea to find out what types of bathrooms they specialise in creating or renovating.

3. How experienced is the bathroom renovation team?

A bathroom renovation requires several trades to be involved like tilers, waterproofers, electricians, plumbers and maybe even a carpenter.

Many larger bathroom renovation companies may therefore subcontract the work to any “last-minute” trade, which is a risk to the client.

I therefore recommend you ask more about the sub-contractors who will be involved in your project. A good bathroom renovator should have a well established team of the best subbies to ensure a smooth project and deliver a high-quality bathroom renovation.

4. Are you a bathroom renovator or a general tradie (builder, handyman)?

You must be a builder of some sort to be a bathroom renovator, so what you’re really asking here is whether they specialise in bathrooms, or if they are an all-rounder taking on all jobs.

Of course, if they aren’t specialist bathroom renovators, you could still end up with a fantastic bathroom. Ideally, it’s preferable to have a renovator who focuses on bathrooms, but you’ll need to factor in the other aspects of your research.

5. Google your bathroom renovators

Bad news spreads fast, especially online. There’s nothing quite like a quick Google search to reveal the bad eggs doing the rounds in bathroom renovations. What you want to see are mostly positive reviews. A few negatives and fair-to-middling reviews are acceptable, because you can’t please everybody.

However, a company with nothing but positive reviews may need more research because there’s a good chance they could be faking it.  And of course, Bathroom renovation companies with a long list of negative reviews and very few positive should be avoided.

Need help with your bathroom renovation in Brisbane? Not sure where to start? Discover more about how we can help right here.

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