Brisbane apartment bathroom renovation

Brisbane Apartment Bathroom Renovations: 3 Considerations

Consider these points before starting a Brisbane apartment bathroom renovation

Brisbane bathroom renovations in apartments are not as straightforward as freestanding homes. There are space considerations, strata approvals, and more red tape than usual to wade through.

Here are three considerations you need to think about before you start an apartment bathroom renovation.

1. Do you need strata approval?

Strata committees may be a stumbling block to major bathroom renovations in apartments because there are wet areas that require waterproofing and possibly plumbing to move around.

All committees have their own rules and regulations, so you will need to check with yours before you start investing in your new bathroom. Cosmetic changes generally don’t require approval, but anything more than a nip and tuck and you will need to get the go-ahead from your strata committee.

Your strata committee may request you seek formal approval. They may also request certain information and documentation including:

  • Project timelines
  • Details of the trade businesses that will be attending on site, including their ABN, license and insurances
  • Rubbish removal and noise minimisation strategies.

Brisbane apartment bathroom renovation

2. Your neighbours

It is critical you are mindful of the trades people coming and going and arrival times of deliveries, as these can be disruptive to everyday life around the complex. Always try to stay on your neighbours’ good side, because they may have the final say about your renovation. When you can guarantee your apartment bathroom renovation will not be disruptive to other residents, it will have more chance of approval.

3. Choose a reputable bathroom renovator with apartment experience

Making the best use of small spaces requires experience and expertise in Brisbane bathroom renovations. Small bathrooms do not need to be cramped unpleasant spaces. With the right design skills, you can have a tiny bathroom that is a joy to use. An apartment bathroom renovator should also be experienced at working on properties with neighbours close by who may not appreciate noisy tradies next door.

Are you ready for a Brisbane apartment bathroom renovation?

Relianzi are experienced Brisbane apartment bathroom renovators who know how to make the most of small spaces and can work to the requirements imposed by strata committees. We are fast and efficient, respectful of your neighbours, and can get the job done with minimal disruption. Give Relianzi a call today to find out how you can get the apartment bathroom renovation of your dreams.

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