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Brisbane Bathroom Renovations – 6 Ways to Save

Tips to save money on your bathroom renovation

Looking forward to a new bathroom is always exciting, but how do you get everything you need without breaking the bank? These tips from an experienced bathroom renovations Brisbane service should help.

1. Build around existing plumbing

Removing and adding new plumbing to accommodate your design will quickly get expensive. You will need to tear out and replace wall panels and possibly flooring as well.

You will save a lot of money on labour, materials, and time if you stick with your original plumbing layout.

2. Create a plan

Work out your bathroom renovation plan, and stick with it. It can be tempting to add to the original blueprint as new ideas spring to mind. However, doing this will totally destroy your budget, and then some.

3. Retain the bathroom’s size and layout

Working within the existing space will significantly reduce the time, labour, and material costs you will need to complete your brand new bathroom.

Brisbane bathroom renovation

4. Keep the load-bearing walls in place

Some walls in your home are more essential than others. Moving load-bearing walls means a lot of extra engineering to support the roof over your head. Keep these walls where they are and work your bathroom remodel around them to save money.

5. Set a budget and stick to it

You want all the nice things, so it’s very easy to go over budget when you don’t know what things are worth. Once you know what you can afford, talk to a bathroom renovator Brisbane professional. It can be challenging to know what things cost so discuss the options and learn how you can save money by talking to a bathroom renovator Brisbane service. With their help, you will be able to get everything you need without risking a budget blowout.

6. Shop around for vanities

Your choice of vanity (which can cost anywhere from $500 to $3000 or more) can make or break your bathroom renovation budget. There are a ton of choices available today, so make sure you shop around for value. Also, avoid custom vanities and you won’t need the extra expense of a cabinet maker.

Are you planning a Brisbane bathroom renovation?

As leading Brisbane bathroom renovations experts, Sean and the team at Relianz can help you with complete bathroom design and planning services, sourcing your fixtures and fittings as well as renovating your bathroom. We even offer a FREE and helpful in-home consultation.

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