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The Secret to Increasing Your Brisbane Property Value – A Bathroom Renovation

Besides the kitchen, the bathroom is one area of the house buyers will pay more attention to when deciding whether to buy or not. The bathroom is so important to most buyers that it can be a deal-breaker, regardless of the state of the rest of the house.

When you need to add extra value to your house, the cost of a bathroom renovation can produce returns well above your investment. All it will take is the right advice and a quality Brisbane bathroom renovation service.

Read on to find out more.

Get rid of the shower curtain

Shower curtains along the bathtub will never be looked on favourably when buyers are examining your house. If you aren’t going for a full renovation, you can still install a glass shower screen that will open the bathroom and create the illusion of space.

Frameless shower screens provide an open, airy feel and are sure to impress potential buyers with the elegance and style they bring. If you’ve been putting up with a small, cramped cubicle, an affordable renovation idea is to widen the cubicle and add an extra shower head.

Separate the bathtub and shower

Combination bathtubs and showers are no longer the best solutions for a small bathroom, and most potential buyers will prefer a home with a separate bath and shower. If you only have limited space for your renovation, installing a bathroom and shower cubicle can be challenging. However, it can be done and done well if you team up with the best Brisbane bathroom renovators.

Modernise your bathroom

Regardless of the age of the house, a modern bathroom can bring it into the modern age and add appeal as well as value. Appliances such as exhaust fans with combination lights and heater lamps, and mixer taps will add a contemporary feel. Floor to ceiling tiles are another standard that can help spruce up your bathroom and give it a more modern feel.

Relianzi are an experienced team of bathroom renovators. Get in touch today to start discussing ideas on how you can add value and increase the comfort and appeal of your home.


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