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5 Ways to Be Smart and Save on Your Brisbane Bathroom Renovation

You have decided your bathroom needs more than a lick of paint or some fresh, new tiling, but you’ve only got so much in the budget and can’t go all out on a complete teardown and rebuild.

Fortunately, there’s a lot you can do with your bathroom even with a modest budget. Here are some of our favourite budget bathroom remodelling tips.

1. Make a plan

You should start a budget remodel with a solid plan in place before you start ripping out bathtubs and knocking down walls. One of the best ways to ensure you have a workable solution is to sit down with your local Brisbane bathroom renovator to discuss your budget and your ideas.

Who better to know how much bang for your buck you can achieve than a tradie who spends their days remodeling bathrooms? You will get a good idea about the budget, the design, and how long it will take to complete it.

2. Don’t relocate your plumbing

Keeping all your plumbing where it is can save you big dollars. When you move your pipes from one wall to the other, it usually increases the cost of the reno significantly, especially if you need to dig up the floor. You can still do amazing things with a bathroom and leave all the piping in place, so discuss your options with your Brisbane bathroom renovator.

3. Keep the old mirror but add a frame

If you’ve got a serviceable mirror, but it’s starting to show it’s age around the edges, a nice bit of wooden framing will hide the flaky bits, add a bit of class to the bathroom decor, and save you a couple of hundred dollars.

4. Try antique stores, flea markets, and salvage yards

You can score some fantastic decor if you scour the antique stores, flea markets, and salvage yards. It may take some time to find the pieces you like, but the upside is that your bathroom decor will be unique and affordable as well.

5. Try resurfacing

If you’re thinking about replacing the bathtub, you might be able to knock a few dollars off the renovation by resurfacing instead. A tired old tub can look brand new with a couple of coats of enamel.

Bonus Tip – Talk to Your Local Brisbane Bathroom Renovator

Want to find out more on saving money on your bathroom renovation? Relianzi has freshened up hundreds of bathrooms around Brisbane, so give Sean a call today and discover how easy on the budget a sparkly new bathroom can be.

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