Brisbane Bathroom Renovation Tips

Brisbane Bathroom Renovation Tips – 3 Popular Toilet Styles

You might think that toilet design is straightforward, and doesn’t feature much in the way of variation.  After all, it’s not like most people go out to examine and critique toilet composition. At least, not until a bathroom renovation is on the cards.

As a busy Brisbane bathroom renovations service, I can tell you that your choice of toilets is more varied than you might think. If you’re considering a Brisbane bathroom renovation, here are three common varieties of toilet designs you will come across.

The classic two-piece

The two-piece is a classic system seen in thousands of homes around Brisbane. The tank and bowl are created separately in a two-piece design and come together during installation. Cleaning is easy, but this style of toilet tends to be heavy and bulky, which can produce challenges during installation.

The sitting area of a two-piece toilet is generally higher than other styles, which makes them an excellent choice for adults. A lot of two-piece toilets roll off the production line every year, which helps to make two-piece toilets one of the most affordable options. The design also lends itself well to fast repairs, as individual parts are readily available.

The wall faced pan toilet

If you’re trying to make a little more space in a small bathroom, then wall-hung toilets offer up some interesting design alternatives. If you have the pipes to connect it to, you can place this type of toilet just about anywhere in the bathroom.

As you may have guessed, a wall-hung toilet is mounted directly to the wall, with the cistern installed out of sight behind it. The cistern can also be built into a cabinet if you aren’t keen on opening up the wall.

Wall hung toilets can also bring an aging bathroom into the modern era, as the design is sleek and stylish. However, sophistication does come at a price, as wall-hung toilets are usually more expensive than floor-mounted varieties.

Another item worth considering is that when things go wrong, you will usually need to call upon the services of a professional plumber.

One-piece toilet

One-piece toilets offer up a sleek design that is quite similar to the two-piece but is simpler to install, and a little easier to clean – although neither comes close to the easy-clean of the wall-hung variety.

The one-piece design is a more expensive option, but they are generally more durable and require less maintenance, which could be worth the trade-off.

These are just a few of the toilet design options available to Brisbane bathroom renovators. If you would like to find out even more of your options for fantastic bathroom design, contact Relianzi and book in a consultation today.


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